Notice to Competitors – Hot Weather Provisions

Given the prolonged hot weather that the UK has experienced over recent weeks, we would like to ensure that we are providing updates and detail for competitors looking to attend the British Showjumping National Championships and Stoneleigh Horse Show.

Updates for all competitors:

  • All arenas have been frequently watered and we will continue to do so throughout the dry weather.
  • There are water points located across site. We will be providing additional signage throughout the showground, and specifically marking the ‘You are here boards’ for you to be able to locate water points to ensure that you know where you and horses/ponies can stay hydrated.
  • There are horse wash down facilities in the stable areas and we ask that you make yourselves aware of where these are onsite.
  • Please ensure that you are mindful of the hot weather during exercising your horse/pony – stewards are permitted to ask you to stop exercising if they feel it is in the best interest of the animal’s welfare.
  • There are clear no smoking signs around the showground which must be respected in all circumstances. All cigarettes lit in permitted areas should be extinguished in water.
  • Please ensure that you are parking in accordance with instruction to maintain fire breaks.
  • No BBQ’s/campfires will be permitted to be used onsite.
  • Show jackets are optional, however all shirts must have sleeves.
  • It is advised not to leave horses on lorries for long periods of time, particularly during the day. If horses are tied to the side of the lorry then please ensure they have access to fresh drinking water and are positioned in the shade where possible.

Specific detail for Showing competitors:

  • Judges will be reminded to keep the go round to a minimum.
  • Grooms will be permitted into the arenas once horses/ponies have been called into line to provide water.
  • We advise that make up/products on horses/ponies are kept to a minimum.


In the case of an emergency contact the Operations Team on 07951 725249.