National 128cm Championship to offer four qualifying tickets to Horse of the Year Show

The British Showjumping National 128cm Championship, which is contested at the National Championships at the NAEC, Stoneleigh Park in August, is this year offering four qualifying tickets to the Horse of the Year Show 128cm Championship.

The amended class rules to reflect this change for 2019 only and the eligibility criteria are listed below. This will also be updated in the online schedule.


Entry Fee: £58 (including £3 First Aid) Total Prizes: £600
Tuesday 6th August – Championship Arena 1
National Rules. Table A8. Speed: 325 mpm. Start Height: 1.10m
Open to registered ponies not exceeding 128cm. Riders age in accordance with Rule 77.13. Pony/rider combinations eligible AND entered for the Stepping Stones Championship may not compete in this championship. The first four eligible pony/rider combinations to qualify for the Horse of the Year Show 128cm Championship, disregarding those already qualified. Ponies must jump clear in the first round.
The winner of this final will be presented with a trophy for the National 128cm champion.
Prize Money 1st £200 2nd £130 3rd £100 4th £60 5th £55 6th £55

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