Llanidloes High School fly to the finish in the 80cm Just For Schools National Championships

Class 67B SCHOOLS 80CM team

Llanidloes High School Team made their three and a half hour journey from Mid-Wales well worth their while as they took the title in the 80cm Just For Schools National Championships. The four man team consisting of Gwynfor Davies Wigley, Fiona Spreull, Eryn Morris and Amy Owen are all aged between 14-18 years old, meaning it was the last year for 18 year old Fiona before heading off to university in September. The pressure was on for Amy as the last team member to go riding Clonincurragh Star. Un-phased, the pair rode to the finish, securing the top team position. “It’s our first time at the British Showjumping National Championships and we are having a great time; it was well worth the trip!” commented one team member. Having first qualified for the 90cm Just For Schools final, the team picked up a last minute qualification in the 80cm final, so had planned to treat it as a ‘warm up’. “We can’t believe we’ve actually gone and won it!” the team continued. Second place for the teams was St Margarets School For Girls and third place was Kings of Wessex Gold.

The individual Champion title for the 80cm Just for Schools Final goes to Lauren Coulthard riding Highfield Kerpow representing Penwortham Girls high School in Lancashire. Second place was Annelie M’Hand riding Spotty Lottie and in third place was Callie Lorimer riding My Diamond Geezer.

The new incentive which was brought in last year has proved increasingly popular, organised by British Showjumping in conjunction with The Pony Club and British Riding Clubs. It allows schools and colleges across the UK to submit teams of three or four riders and individuals within a specific height category: 70cm-1.10m. Each of these height categories are underpinned by a league table to determine who makes it through to the Championships as well as there being two direct qualifiers. For more information on Just For Schools, visit http://www.britishshowjumping.co.uk/membership/Just-for-Schools-Membership


For further information on the British Showjumping National Championships 2017 please contact press@grandstand.co.uk or call 02476 858 205.

NOTE: Please credit all images to: 1st Class Images