All to play for in the Just For Schools Finals, 70cm, 80cm & 90cm

The Just For Schools League Finals took place today the the British Showjumping National Championships 2018 in Arena 3.

70cm Final

The individual winner in the 70cm Just For Schools Final was 13 year old Ronie Thomas riding Didi II. The Gloucestershire based rider won her class in a time of 28.45 seconds with her 10 year old mare who he has been riding for just over a year. Ronie was the 70cm final winner in 2017 on Bobby who her little brother is now riding. “The goal for next year is to start affiliating Didi; we have qualified for the National Schools Equestrian Association jumping and the jumping styles later this year.”


The team winners were Sidcot Stars from Sidcot School in Somerset. It was their first time competing at the British Showjumping National Championships. “We have been a British Showjumping team for two years but we have been riding together at school for much longer,” said one team member. Sarah Crofts the team captain said: “They work well as a team and they really help each other out.” The team whose horses have a combined age of 73, consisted of: Sophie Lee (age 13) with Tubbervale Dedan (age 8), Archie Stamp (age 12) with Domino VIII (age 20), Harriet Blair (age 11) with October (age 25) and Erin Crofts (age 14) with Out of Time (age 20) – who Erin has only had for six weeks!


80cm Final

The individual winner in the 80cm Just For Schools Final was 12 year old Lilli Fiddes with her 19 year old pony, Miradays Luigi who travelled to the show all the way from North Devon.  They won in a time of 69.81 seconds. Having competed in another class at the Championships yesterday and not getting the result she had hoped for, Lilli explained: “My plan today was to take my time around the course to go for a clear rather than the time.” Luckily it paid off for the pair. Lilli has been riding Luigi for just over a year and BSNC 2017 was one of their first ever competitions together. The pair competed in the 70cm Final last year so to come back and win the 80cm this year was fantastic.

The winning team was Perrott Hill School from Somerset who have been competing as a team for the past year and are really enjoying the Just For Schools league. As a team of three riders, the pressure was on as every score counted and the course was proving challenging for many. Rising to the occasion, the team held their own to take the top spot. One of the ponies, Arrow Head Quiver who was ridden in the class by Anouska Loveridge, also took the National 138cm title yesterday with Luli Loveridge. The other team members were Marcia Kennard (age 13) riding Rhuby (age 14) and Ted Hunter (age 12) with Yoyo II (age 23).


90cm Final

The individual winner in the 90cm Just For Schools Final was 16 year old Alice Sanderford aboard eight year old mare, Sandstone Scalpings who is called Ruby for short. The pair were part of the winning team, Kings of Wessex in Somerset. “My plan for the jump off was to go for it as I knew I had a chance of winning not only the individual but also the team. I trusted Ruby to go clear as she knows her job well and she can really open up when she is asked to go for it.”

BSNC was one of the main goals for 2018 as Alice is leaving Kings of Wessex which means this will be her last year competing in the Just For Schools league with her team mates. Alice has also qualified for the Pony Club Championships next week which she is looking forward to competing at.

Alice’s other team members included; Maisie Warren (age 14) with Dermish Duke (age 9), Naomi Pollard (age 16) with Narrowmore Matchmaker (age 13) and Harriet Tutt (age 17) with Bill Logan (age 7). Naomi, Harriet and Alice have all been riding together for years however they have only been a team of four with Maisie for the past year as Maisie is new to Kings of Wessex. The team made a group decision before the jump off for the first three riders to aim for the clear round and then for the last rider (Alice) to go for time. It worked and they are delighted with their win.


The new incentive which was brought in last year has proved increasingly popular, organised by British Showjumping in conjunction with The Pony Club and British Riding Clubs. It allows schools and colleges across the UK to submit teams of three or four riders and individuals within a specific height category: 70cm-1.10m. Each of these height categories are underpinned by a league table to determine who makes it through to the Championships as well as there being two direct qualifiers. For more information on Just For Schools, visit


For further information on the British Showjumping National Championships 2018 please contact or call 02476 858 205.

NOTE: Please credit all images to: 1st Class Images