A new British Showjumping National Champion crowned

After an incredible array of talent over the six days of the British Showjumping National Championships, it came down to the nail-biting final leg of the HOYS International Wild Card Series which incorporated the British Showjumping Business Partnership International Stairway Final. With four Horse of the Year Show Wild Cards on offer, as well as the 2018 British Showjumping National Champion title, there was all to play for.

There were nine riders through to the jump-off in the upto height course, which proved challenging for each combination causing each contender to pick up faults. The eventual winner of the class, and taking the highly coveted 2018 British Showjumping National Champion title, was Joe Clayton riding Carolous K.

After 10 years of working for Michael Whitaker, Joe set out on his own last year from his family home in Yorkshire. Joe was completely overwhelmed by his win here today and commented: “It feels fantastic to be crowned the British Showjumping National Champion; the champion of the nation – it’s unbelievable.”

He continues: “It was a tricky first course with a lot of people having one down in a lot of different places, and a couple of people had time faults too so it was difficult to get inside the time allowed and leave all the jumps up. I am very pleased with my horse today.”

Speaking of Carolous K, he commented: “He is mainly kept with his owner, Jane Heerbeck; she keeps him all the time and I just ride him a couple of days before the shows. I have to admit, she brings him to all the shows and does all the hard work, so I owe a lot of this to her. I get on and he just loves to jump so he makes it so easy for me to be honest. I have had a very good season so far but you can never come in too confident to a class like this. I’m really pleased with the result.”

Looking ahead to Horse of the Year Show this October, Joe says: “I love competing at HOYS; the atmosphere is just fantastic! We go every year and it is always a dream to jump there with the atmosphere and the crowd cheering you on.”

The winner of the National Championship Show League, which has ran across the Show from Friday to Sunday was 1.40m Champion Robert Murphy aboard Newbridges Chablis. The International Stairway League winner for the second year running was Helen Tredwell who was riding Larksong.  And the winner of the Under 25 HOYS Wild Card was Jessica Dimmock riding Billy Bluebell. All four recipients of the HOYS Wild Cards have now secured their place at Horse of the Year Show, 3rd – 7th October, which will see the show celebrate its 70th Anniversary.



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To clarify, the recipients of the four HOYS Wild Cards were:

  • The winner of the International Stairway League was Helen Tredwell.
  • The winner of the International Stairway Final and also taking the British Showjumping National Champion 2018 title was Joe Clayton.
  • The winner of the National Championship Show League was Robert Murphy.
  • The highest placed Young Rider (18 to 25 years old) within the top 10 of the National Championship Show League, was Jessica Dimmock.